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Elderflower Rhubarb Gin

A seasonal twist on all your cocktails with this easy elderflower gin recipe

Let gin infuse with elderflower and rhubarb before the season ends, then enjoy refreshing cocktails all summer. Like this easy elderflower & rhubarb gin and tonic.

elderflower rhubarb gin and tonic



  • 40g elderflower heads

  • 275g rhubarb

  • 150g sugar

  • 1L London dry gin



  1. Forage the heads of elderflower and give them a bit of shake to remove any insects, remove wooden branches and leaves as they aren't edible.

  2. Slice the rhubarb into small chunks, about 2 cm thick.

  3. In a large jar, add the elderflower heads, rhubarb and sugar then stir until the sugar coats everything.

  4. Seal the jar and leave overnight, this will allow the sugar to draw the moisture out and release a flavourful syrup.

  5. The next day, top with the gin then close again and leave to infuse for at least 2 weeks.

  6. Add your elderflower & rhubarb gin to any gin cocktail. Bon appétit!



Foraging elderflower:

Recognise the tree through small cream-coloured flowers, each with 5 petals, gathered in flat crowns, leaves should be in 5-7 pairs of serrated leaflets, and most importantly it should smell like elderflower cordial (if it's past the right time to pick them they will give off a 'cat wee' smell). The leaves and branches are mildly poisonous so only use the flower crowns. Check for insects and cut the crowns off with scissors. Make sure to leave some behind for pollinators too!

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